Jaccol Motorcycles at:

The Rose and Crown 10 Anniversay Motorcycles show & meet

A Fabulous day had by all. Many thanks to the organisers for asking us along, and many thanks to all those who showed up and supported such a good cause. A special thanks from Jaccol Motorcycles to the Torquay locals who helped with our promotion day.

You know who you are!! Thanks again!

My beautiful executive wonderwoman who made all those lovely faces and legs all painted and tattooed

Yes, I know you can't see her face. She was just too darned busy!

In her words, she looked up once, and the field was empty,

she looked up twice and it was half full,

she looked up a third time and it was packed to the brim,

and she looked up a fourth time and everyone had buggered off!

Here are some of the lovely faces she painted:

And not forgetting, the Henna Tattoos:

And then, of course, all those lovely bikers who made the day so successful!

Great turnout, great crowd, great tiger John!!